The purpose of the Innovation Seed Grant Call is to develop new and original concepts in service delivery to better respond to beneficiary needs. Innovation is critical to support development of the next generation of CSOs in Armenia. It will allow CSOs to reach out beneficiaries that otherwise would be difficult to reach and provides a better connection to members, donors and beneficiaries. Innovation can also help to improve service delivery capacity of Armenian CSOs which can increase cost effectiveness and reach, decrease donor dependence and improve quality of services for the beneficiaries. Innovation is not simply a new software, idea or method.

The project is looking for CSOs or non-registered initiative group that serve the public good, are responsive to the needs of people and communities, address the need of vulnerable population, reduce inequalities and promote social inclusion, encourage volunteerism and mobilization, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, ensure sustainable model and community participation through empowering youth, engaging women and girls.

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